Illustration by Mauro Mussi, from the 7th Sea: Second Edition Core Rulebook.

About Hexenwerk

Hexewerk is the sorcery mainly practiced in Eisen. It is the power to ward off, destory, command, or at its worst create, the undead. Eisen is plagued by these creatures, making Heroic Hexen both defenders and objects of understandable fear. While a Hexe (sorcerer who use Hexenwerk) is taught the basic recipes of Unguents, the fact that a Hexe's blood or body parts added to Unguents makes them more potent suggests that the ability to create Unguents (and thus be a Hexe) is hereditary like Porte & Sorte, but requires training to develop.


Unguents are the main effect and product of Hexenwerk Sorcery. These potions are combinations of everyday ingredients, monster body parts, bits of the dead or even the blood of Hexen.